Meaning of Lea

Name : Lea

The name Lea can mean Tired or weary
Lea is a Hebrew name usually given to a Girl

The Phonetic Score and Supreme Number associated with Lea are as follows :

  • The length of this name is 3 with 1 consonants and 2 vowels.
  • The name “Lea” does not have any duplicate letters.
  • The Phonemic Score for Lea is 144.
  • The Phonetic Score for Lea is 150.
What are Phonetic Scores ?
A name is much more than just its meaning. The same name can mean different things to different people depending on their semantic meaning. Semantic meanings are how people make sense of things around them and perceive their reality. The underlying Phonetic Scores reflects the auditory perception of sounds processed subliminally and its interpretation of known and personal characteristics which permeates subconsciously whenever a word is spoken .

Based on the numerical association in the phonetic chart –

  • The traits most commonly associated with Lea are Charming and Balanced.
  • The numerical values for length and placement of phonemes for Lea reflects Constant and Athletic character.
  • The Phonemic and Phonetic Scores of 144 and 150 associate Lea with being Cheerful and Ebullient.

A detailed characteristics produced by this name is in the form of its Supreme Number. The Supreme Number associated with Lea is 6.

Click Here to know what Supreme Number 6 means and how it reflects on Lea.

Phonetic Score Supreme Number
Phonemic Score
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