We understand choosing the perfect name for your baby can be a bit overwhelming. Our Baby list is one of the most comprehensive list you will come across on the internet and we are constantly adding more names and features even as we speak. You can search for thousands of baby names by their gender or by the first letter of the alphabet. Browse through the names, if you like one, click it to know more details about the name such as its meaning and origin. We pray that you have a wonderful time in this beautiful process and be blessed with divine clarity while choosing a name for your bundle of joy.

Browse Baby Names By Alphabet

There are many ways to get your dose of baby names but you can find a simpler and cleaner way here. Just browse to the list and choose from among the thousands of baby names by their alphabets. Its all alphabetically arranged and we are adding more and more every day.

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Browse Baby Names By Gender

We have heard a lot of people telling us that they just need to find a good baby boy or baby girl name starting with the Alphabet .... We have designed this website in such a way that is self explanatory and you can browse through your required names by Gender or by your favorite Alphabet.

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Browse Indian Baby Names

We have a very comprehensive guide of Indian Baby Names along with their meanings. You can say this is the ultimate guide to all your naming needs or as one in Delhi would say from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Indian Baby Names are special because it has culminated from multiple regions with its own rich culture and spanning across multiple faith groups and yet universally accepted and used by diverse group of people. Such historic association reveals one of the most beautiful amalgamation of different cultures in perfect harmony with each other.

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Baby Names to Avoid

This is one list no parent should miss. It lists all the names that you should not be giving to your kids. We have organized this list in such a way that its easier for you to browse through the different categories instead of just jamming everything in your face. We understand you have lots of things in your mind and we want you to be aware of all the repercussions of some of these names.

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Top Baby Names

We have compiled the Top Trending Baby Names only for you. It should give you an idea of what names are hot and are being used by parents like you. We hope that such an insight would enable you to make the decision if you would like to go with the crowd or away from one. You can always choose from the thousands of names in our database to help you in your search. Happy Naming

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